Last updated September 11, 2023

In most of the posts on Hotels Note affiliate links are used, that’s why there’s a standard affiliate disclaimer at the top of each post. Moreover, I currently mark posts with the tags “Purchased,” “Affiliate Link”, “PR Sample,” and “Sponsored Post.” You’ll be able to spot these at the bottom of a blog post. If I receive a PR sample or if the post is sponsored, I’ll mention this at the top of the blog post too. Below, you will find more in-depth descriptions of the common disclosures I make on the blog:

Purchased: The products featured on the blog are a healthy mix of products purchased by me for review as well as PR samples provided by brands. In order to make it clear that disclosures were not omitted or forgotten, I began including “Purchased” in the tags at the end of the blog post to indicate products I bought myself.

Affiliate Link: The majority of links to third-party retail websites are affiliate links. I receive a commission if you purchase any product(s) through affiliate links. It does not add any cost to you as the customer. The commission comes out of the retailer’s pocket, and the commission can range from as little as 1% to as much as 15% depending on the retailer, campaign, product type, etc. For many of my affiliates, if a product is returned, the commission is returned as well.

PR Sample: Brands, their representatives (such as their public relations firms, and marketing affiliates), and retailers will send a product for consideration (this is also called PR). Consideration means that the product is submitted to me so I can check it out, most of them are without obligation to post. 

Sponsored Post: Sponsored posts are specific posts that I have been compensated for. This includes sponsored giveaways, where the compensation may be in the form of prizes and/or financial compensation for exposure, handling of fulfillment, etc. Even though a post is compensated, my thoughts and opinions are always my own and 100% honest. This is always mentioned to the brand before settling on a collaboration.

Product Reviews

It’s safe to say, I feel pretty passionately about beauty products. I always say that I test beauty products so you don’t have to! I love to report back and share the products I think are actually worth your time and money. When it comes to the products I try, I focus on high-end and luxury products —however, I want to make sure to give all types of products a fair chance, so this means you’ll find cruelty-free, all-natural, vegan, or clean beauty products as well as some drugstore products every now and then and share if I think there’s something about it that makes it worth testing. Not every product ends up on the blog in a review, however, that doesn’t mean I did not test it. 🙂

As is common in the industry, beauty brands and PR agencies might send me products for consideration, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own—I’ll only recommend and/or praise a product if it’s actually worth it and I’m not afraid to tell the truth (even if it’s not so nice). I want you to consider Hotels Note as your number-one resource when it comes to discovering your next holy-grail product(s).

Affiliate Advertising Programs

Hotels Note is a part of several affiliate advertising programs. This means that if you click and make a purchase through certain links on this site, I may make a commission from that purchase. The commission comes out of the retailer’s pocket, and the commission can range from as little as 1% to as much as 15% depending on the retailer, campaign, product type, etc. This does not affect you or the final price of the product if you choose to purchase through one of my affiliate links. It’s entirely up to you whether you do so or not. There is NO pressure for you to click on any of these links or make any purchases. I only ever include links to products that I genuinely love and think that you might enjoy too.

No Endorsements

I may refer to other products or services in our blog content. I name such products/companies/services only to give my readers an idea or source of inspiration, however, such information provided is not in connection with the corresponding companies. I retain no responsibility for any inaccuracy of information. This information is provided only as a reference for my users, and it is your responsibility to conduct your own research and make your own decisions about the product or service.